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Volume (m3)

from 27 to 41


Cargo Chassis

DRAKKAR-CARGO2 General Points

General Points

Considered as the multi-talent in the JOSKIN range, the Drakkar and Drakkar-Cargo2 are multipurpose trailers for the transport of many different types of material: silage, grains, pulp, beets, potatoes, etc. Thanks to their unique and very fast unloading system, with a hermetic conveyor belt and a moving front wall, the material avoids being damaged, while the body is perfectly stable during the use. Their low weight is due to the synthetic side walls (UV-resistant Polyfont), which allows to transport a maximal payload.


DRAKKAR-CARGO2 Designed for a Quick Change of the Implements

Designed for a Quick Change of the Implements

The Cargo2 implements are equipped as a standard with a Twist Lock "implement-chassis" coupling system, but also with “push-pull” hydraulic connectors for a quick change of the implements. Each implement comes with its own separate control box that can be easily connected to the control box of the chassis already installed in the driver's cab. A practical and compact solution!

DRAKKAR-CARGO2 Adjustable Stands

Adjustable Stands

The storage areas for the implements vary and are not always perfectly flat. That is the reason why the 4 storing stands are adjustable. In this way, your Drakkar-Cargo2 implement can be unhitched in any situation, so that the chosen area is sufficiently load-bearing.

DRAKKAR-CARGO2 Versatile Wide Body

Versatile Wide Body

The Drakkar-Cargo2 has an industrial hermetic conveyor belt that moves the material during the unloading operation. This high-resistance conveyor belt is rolled up on a cylinder driven by 2 hydraulic engines at the back of the tapered trailer body (+ 4 cm at the front). During unloading, the front wall, together with the conveyor belt, moves backwards to accompany the material without compressing it. At the end of the operation, it can have a pushing effect resulting in compact and firm heaps, if the user wishes to. The transparent perspex plate (10 mm thick) on the front wall ensures an excellent visibility when loading and unloading. The floor and the wall resume their initial positions thanks to a hydraulic engine at the front of the trailer, which is connected to a system with a yaw chain. This revolutionary system therefore allows a safe unloading without tipping, even in sheds or low places, without compressing the transported material (therefore no shocks or bruising on the transported products). The emptying speed of the Drakkar-Cargo2 is optimised to less than 1 minute with any type of product. At the end of the emptying process, the driver only makes the conveyor belt go one meter back while closing the door, before returning to the field. With a simple impulse, the conveyor belt will return automatically to the front position to receive a new load.

DRAKKAR-CARGO2 A Rear Door with Large Clearance

A Rear Door with Large Clearance

The trailer is unloaded easily and without blocking thanks to the significant clearance (40 cm) of the rear door (operated by two double-acting hydraulic rams) above the body. A locking device on the hydraulic ram makes sure the door is perfectly closed and avoids any unexpected opening during transportation. A "stop" sensor on the door allows the conveyor belt to start moving only when the door is fully open. In some situations, it is possible to leave the door closed to empty through the standard grain chutes (3 grain chutes of 60 x 27 cm) or to only slightly open it. To that end, there are two control boxes at the back of the vehicle to progressively make the conveyor belt move forward or backward. A thick seal of industrial quality is fitted around the back of the Drakkar-Cargo2 to provide a perfect tightness.

DRAKKAR-CARGO2 Industrial Scrapers

Industrial Scrapers

The rear (upper and lower) scrapers allow to remove any remaining material on the moving floor. The one at the front prevents foreign material to accumulate between the floor and the conveyor belt. Large side scrapers ensure that the body is tight for all types of products.

Special Features