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A good macerator is essential to make sure the injector works properly: some kinds of slurry (especially cattle slurry) are indeed full of fibres and foreign bodies. And a blocked opening means that the spreading pattern will be uneven and that the user will have to stop working. The solution is the patented JOSKIN SCALPER© system: a highly efficient macerator consisting of self-sharpening, freely rotating circular blades fitted on a blade holder driven by a hydraulic motor. The circular blades (pivoting on their own axis) and the off-centre arched elliptical holes of the blade holder inevitably cut all foreign bodies in the slurry. If the blades hit something too hard, the rotation direction of the SCALPER© is reversed by the “Switch-Matic” system (option) until the obstacle is chopped. In addition, an electric reverser with a control button is installed in the cab for all rear implements with automaton. The hydraulic circuit supplying the engine is isolated by a plug. A drain can be used to detect any defects in the hydraulic seal. The JOSKIN SCALPER© macerators are also sold separately to fit existing injectors. As standard, the macerator is fed via a 6" pipe and a 6" control valve.

This macerator has a variable counter blade opening for an extremely precise dosing of the quantity to be spread, regardless of the desired flow rate. A hand-accessible thumbwheel allows the operator to change the flow rate according to the type and quantity of material to be spread. The macerator has a single knife unit in the form of a diabolo that rotates eccentrically on the Hardox counter blade for an even distribution. The air intake system the middle of the diabolo with two inlets ensures a smooth flow in the various hoses to the ground, without suction effect. This compact macerator is equipped with quick-opening side lids and a stone trap for a quick and easy maintenance.

JOSKIN manufactures all its counter blades in HARDOX steel. It has 6 times the tensile strength of conventional steel and 3 times the ultimate stress. It is also significantly lighter for the same strength. Its use in this case is mainly justified by its low abrasion qualities. JOSKIN offers different types of counter blades for different flow rates (m³/ha) at the same spreading speed. They differ only in the size of the holes: the larger the hole, the greater the spread rate at the same speed.