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outer accessories

outer accessories

In order to protect the upper body edge strip from shocks caused by the load or when loading the trailer, it is possible to opt for a PVC protection. It can cover 2 or 3 sides of the body and can easily be replaced in case of wear (bolted structure). When loading sticky materials, such as manure or compost, this protection can also be used as a scraper for the loading implement.

In order to increase the transported volumes, JOSKIN offers different types of extensions. They are made of steel for Trans-KTP tipping trailers, aluminium for other agricultural tipping trailers, or wood for muck spreaders. From 150 mm to 1,000 mm high, welded, bolted, manually or hydraulically expandable, the choice is yours!

JOSKIN trailers can be equipped with a galvanised steel platform. With its large surface area, it offers the user a safe place to work when handling a cover. This platform is usually (but not necessarily) accompanied by a cover and can be fitted on the front of the tipping trailer or on the rear door (or both).