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Customer testimonials

Agricultural tipping trailers

The professional's opinion

10 Tetra-CAP sold to Mamminger in Serbia

Our partner KITE d.o.o. has sold 10 Tetra-CAP trailers to the serbian company Mamminger, one of the biggest actors in the agri-food industry.


Krzysztof Sołtysik (Pologne)

« Four years ago I was looking for a reliable and resistant trailer. After an analysis of different offers, I finally choose the JOSKIN brand »


Janusz Jagła (Poland)

The machines have an excellent sealing, are comfortable to drive, are easy to pull on hills even if they are hitched together in one carriage.


Zlobin Cergey Borisovitch (Russia)

This machine was not only used to perfectly transport the matter but also to fill the seeders in a very short delay, thanks to the option "unloading auger", when the 1300 ha of lands had to be sowed.


Good prospects from Ukrainian orchards (Ukraine)

It is very useful to us during the harvest period: we can put 12 to 14 boxes of 300 kg of apples in it to transport them, which allows us to save many resources.