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The must-have to make an optimal use of slurry!



Slurry Mixers

JUMBOMIXER General Points

General Points

The Jumbomixer, pit mixer and chopper, has a fully hot-dip galvanised frame for an optimal protection against corrosion. Its stainless steel propeller has been specially designed for a high-performance mixing and chopping. The 3-point hitch for the tractor allows easy travels from one lagoon to another. In short, an essential tool for the optimal use of slurry!


JUMBOMIXER Strong Triangular Structure

Strong Triangular Structure

A triangular structure, which is made up of two side tubes and an upper one, makes the machine highly stable. Furthermore, the intersection point of the tubes prevents the transmission shaft from any torsion.

JUMBOMIXER Reinforced Transmission

Reinforced Transmission

For a greater safety and longevity, the JOSKIN Jumbomixer is equipped as standard with a star tube reinforced cardan shaft with a shear bolt security. The transmission from the gearbox to the propeller happens through a reinforced steel anti-torsion shaft supported by various bearings and seals. Despite this "ultra-resistant" technology, its power requirement remains reasonable: 70 hp or more depending on the model.

JUMBOMIXER Quality Propeller and Work

Quality Propeller and Work

Its stainless steel propeller has been specially designed for a high-performance mixing and chopping. Its stainless steel counter blade plays a major role in the chopping work. Stainless steel not only provides a superior protection against corrosive products, but also has a very smooth surface for an efficient chopping without any sticking effect. The storing stand and the rim of the propeller avoid an accidental contact between the propeller and the wall of the lagoon.

JUMBOMIXER Maneuverability


A double-acting hydraulic ram on the triangular structure makes it possible to adjust the angle of inclination (max. 45°) of the Jumbomixer, and therefore the aggressiveness of the work to be done. The ideal propeller speed lies between 540 and 800 rpm for a perfect work, even for several hours in a row. The Jumbomixer can therefore easily adapt to the circumstances of the different lagoons it will be confronted with.

JUMBOMIXER Easy Maintenance

Easy Maintenance

The propeller bearings are integrated in a one-piece "complete kit" which acts as an intermediary between the propeller and the transmission shaft. In this way, should the bearings ever wear, this kit is easy to replace and avoids the replacement of the whole transmission shaft.

Special Features