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A hermetic, universal and easy to handle trailer


Payload (t)

8 → 14


Single axle
Double axle


Tipping Trailers with Drop Sides

DELTA-CAP General points

General points

The Delta-CAP combines all the advantages of dropside trailers with the driving comfort and stability of monocoque trailers. The design of the chassis and drawbar is based on the Trans-CAP, with the important difference that they are fully galvanised. All Delta-CAP trailers offer 3-sided tipping: rear, left and right, making this machine very versatile.


DELTA-CAP Galvanized chassis and drawbar

Galvanized chassis and drawbar

In addition to the qualities of the steel and 2K paint used to guarantee exceptional durability, the drawbar and chassis are hot-dip galvanised (in the Joskin Group's galvanising plant), which ensures the best possible protection against corrosion. The zinc penetrates into the metal surface, making it immune to scratches and rust.

DELTA-CAP Sprung drawbar, movable running gear

Sprung drawbar, movable running gear

The drawbar is held in 5 places (at the tractor, at the 2 anchor points under the chassis and at the 2 sides of the fork in the nose of the chassis) to facilitate steering and to improve the line of pull. The parabolic blades placed between the drawbar and the chassis anchorage provide unequalled comfort, for speeds of 40 km/h and beyond. The positioning of the blades can be changed according to the tractor, thanks to a multi-hole interface. This change will allow a better transfer of weight to the tractor, and therefore a better grip. The running gear is a Roll-Over bogie type with an off-centre axis. It brings an upward traction line and guarantees easy traction. It is bolted and can be moved in order to allow a variation in the load distribution.

DELTA-CAP A multi-functional body

A multi-functional body

The body offers many advantages: 3-sided tipping as standard, sides that can be completely or partially dismantled according to your current needs, but also many possible combinations of sides (50 cm, 60 cm or 80 cm) allowing volumes of up to 26 m³ to be achieved. By removing all the sides, the box can be used as a tray for transporting round bales, square bales or pallets. It can also be equipped with perforated extensions for the transport of silage, hay or green waste. It is also possible to fit a rear grain auger, driven by a hydraulic motor. In short: the Delta-CAP is a real multi-purpose trailer.

DELTA-CAP A robust and watertight body

A robust and watertight body

The body is mass-produced from special high tensile steel, identical to that used in the manufacture of road transport vehicles. It is the best guarantee of strength for a relatively low weight. In addition, its closed tube structure increases the resistance of the walls to pressure and provides a smooth line and a modern look to the machine. Another proof of the body's robustness is its bottom made of 4 mm thick high tensile steel, which provides ideal strength without increasing the empty weight. The body is also equipped all around with very high-strength synthetic rubber seals (industrial quality). This ensures a perfect seal and prevents even the smallest seeds and free-flowing products, such as rapeseed, from leaking out. The side panels are locked in place with a large number of hooks that increase the contact between the side panel and the floor seal. Even for journeys on the most bumpy roads, the body provides a perfect seal.

DELTA-CAP 3-sided tipping

3-sided tipping

In certain areas that are difficult to access or for precise dumping, it can be very useful to be able to tip on the sides of the trailer. This is for example the case if you have to tip in longitudinal chutes or pits, or when the height of the building in which you are unloading does not allow you to tip backwards. In this case, the "3-side" function, standard on all Delta-CAPs, allows you to tip to the rear as well as to the left or right. In this case, the tipping cylinder is fixed on an oscillating frame and the lateral tipping angle is automatically limited (limit cable). This makes 3-sided tipping with a "train of tippers" the indispensable functionality. All Delta-CAP tippers are equipped as standard with all the necessary equipment to couple several tippers one behind the other.

Special Features