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Cage Roller
The Terradisc2 injectors can also be equipped with a cage roller, which not only acts as a "gauge roller", but also loosens the fertilised soil.

The 'Horizon' universal spreaders have a canopy with hydraulic opening in their standard equipment. When spreading manure with a lot of straw, it is therefore possible to open it upwards and spread the manure mainly via the two horizontal beaters.

JOSKIN offers a canopy with quick coupling system on its range of muck spreaders. It can easily be attached to the back of the frame for spreading fine, crumbly products (such as poultry manure). It is fitted on the inside with a stainless steel plate so that the product to be spread does not stick and can easily fall back onto the discs or the retractable blades without obstructing the passage. For a frequent mixed use (with/without canopy), JOSKIN also offers a 2-part canopy with hydraulic opening (on Tornado3 only) with the same features and functions as the one-part version with quick coupling system.

Central controls
Management and Control

If your tractor does not have enough spool valves to control all the hydraulic functions of your vehicle, it is necessary to add an electrohydraulic solution to your machine. In this case, electrically controlled hydraulic valves are fitted on the side of the chassis and gather all or part of the hydraulic functions of your machine. This control system is protected by a metal casing against water, mud, etc. from the working conditions. This concept consists of an aluminium entry block with a capacity of 60 l/min or 120 l/min, onto which the different solenoid valves, each representing a function, are fitted. As standard, the hydraulic installation is equipped to work in a closed circuit called "Load Sensing", but an ergonomic bypass also allows work in an open circuit, i.e. with tractors without Load Sensing.

Central partition
Working tools

The galvanised rear central partition is a deflector positioned in the middle of the end of the spreading table. It deflects the spread material outwards to reduce the overlap of the two spreading sheets. It is therefore of interest when spreading lime or similar materials. It is usually bolted and has a pivot system so that it can easily be folded under the table as required.

Centralised Lubrication
Lubrication Unit

The operating principle is almost identical to that of the automatic lubrication, except that there is no pump and no grease tank: the grease nipples are simply centralised on one or more key positions of your vehicle, which avoids forgetting any grease nipples as you may do with a “point by point” lubrication.

JOSKIN offers you a wide range of tyres from the most renowned manufacturers in the sector. You can therefore equip your vehicle with the best possible choice according to the most demanding criteria: safety, comfort, traction ease, load index, compaction and budget. Although less and less common, bias-ply tyres (e.g. 550/60-22.5) are still attractive because of their simplicity and low price. Low-pressure radial tyres (e.g. 560/60R22.5), thanks to their larger contact area, are more respectful of the soil structure: the pressure is better distributed and is more homogeneous, thus creating shallower ruts.

Whatever the tyre model you choose, there are always two rules to take into account: the larger the diameter of a tyre, the easier it is to pull or push your vehicle. On the other hand, a large-diameter, but relatively narrow-width tyre will have as much contact area with the ground as a small-diameter, but wider tyre.

Pumping System: Lobe Pump

In order to protect the volumetric pump as much as possible against foreign bodies or to avoid blockages due to heavy slurry, JOSKIN has developed the "Rotation-Cut" chopper. It is placed before the pump inlet to filter the slurry. This large-volume chopper is equipped with a drain valve: when you arrive at the field, you can open it from the driver's seat to remove any foreign bodies (stones, etc.) it could contain.

Control box at the back
Management and Control

The drive and direction of rotation of the conveyor belt can also be controlled from a control box installed on each side at the back of the Drakkar. The operator can then pace the unloading into a conveyor and keep an eye on the operation.

Cooling of Vacuum Pumps
Pumping System: Vacuum

Cooling the pump is a major challenge for manufacturers. In addition to a traditional air flow, pumps are designed with fins for a conductive cooling. There is a slightly more efficient system, called "Ballast Port", which is also a low-cost solution: a continuous injection of fresh air into the pump body cools it down and allows it to work at 60% vacuum continuously. It is used on most of the models manufactured by “JUROP”.

Outer Accessories

All our BETIMAX models are pre-equipped as standard for the installation of a cover. The cover is available as an option and can either be factory fitted at the time of the order or delivered afterwards. It provides some protection for the livestock, either during transport or when the BETIMAX is simply parked in the meadow, creating a temporary shelter.

The covering with rigid doors is the most efficient and robust solution to avoid load losses on Trans-KTP tipping trailers. It consists of a double aluminium flap system with hydraulic folding.

Drawbar Suspension

The drawbar suspension by several traditional or parabolic leaves is a simple and economical solution providing a real driving comfort. They indeed offer a good drawbar clearance without deforming the traction line of the vehicle, while providing an increased stability.

The drawbar suspension by several traditional or parabolic leaves is a simple and economical solution providing a real driving comfort. They indeed offer a good drawbar clearance without deforming the traction line of the vehicle, while providing an increased stability.

Cross-Over Bogie
Running Gear

The double-axle running gear with "Cross-Over" bogie offers, thanks to its design, a complementary suspension system to the wheels as well as a larger contact surface with the ground. It consists of 2 axles connected by parabolic leaves and is bolted to the chassis by what is commonly known as "the table", a large support that balances and distributes the loads in an optimal way. With its maximum clearance of 240 mm, it can absorb the irregularities in the terrain. Thanks to the position of the cross-axis under the spring leaves and the position of the axles under the ends of these same leaves, a pull line pushes the front axle over the obstacle. The required traction power is therefore reduced. JOSKIN assembles its own bogies, which means that they can be made to measure for your vehicle. The distance between the axles and therefore the length of the leaves can be adapted to each machine, e.g. according to the choice of tyres. All JOSKIN “Cross-Over” bogies are bolted and therefore movable.