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Lighting and Safety

In order to meet safety standards and the current legislation, the JOSKIN mounted machines can be fitted with optional reflective boards with red/white stripes and/or additional warning lights.

If you are looking for a maximum safety when unloading animals, we recommend the safety fence in front of the rear door. Cattle are sometimes very eager to get out and may push the door while you are opening it. This intermediate fence protects you from this risk. It also has a side release mechanism positioned on the outside of the body to open it safely.

Safety Lighting
Lighting and Safety

In order to meet safety standards and the current legislation, JOSKIN vehicles and implements are fitted with the latest rear lights and a number plate lighting as standard. As an option, all our vehicles can be equipped with side marker lights (LED), end outline marker lamps (LED) or a combination of both, a flashing beacon (LED) or a LED flash bar to increase the road user’s attention and to meet the requirements of some legislations.

In order to meet safety standards and the current legislation, JOSKIN vehicles and implements are fitted with the latest rear lights and a number plate lighting as standard. As an option, all our vehicles can be equipped with side marker lights (LED), end outline marker lamps (LED) or a combination of both, a flashing beacon (LED) or a LED flash bar to increase the road user’s attention and to meet the requirements of some legislations.

Scarifying shares
Working tools

Their rigidity and sturdiness allow to scarify the ground more deeply and aggressively, thereby ensuring a regenerating aeration of the damaged plots.

It is possible to equip your spreading implement with an exact/gooseneck/swinging scatterer in order to fertilise areas where the use of your spreading implement is impossible (e.g. due to the soil moisture or working width). In this case, a system of manual or hydraulic valves directs the flow of slurry to the scatterer.

Scraper Blade (1 m)
Working tools

Working at the harrow head, the scraper blades spread clods of earth and level out molehills and other ground unevennesses so that the following rows of tools can carry out their work efficiently. Usually fitted on half-flexible leaves, they also allow to face more serious damages, such as that caused by wild boars.

As an option, the TERRAFLEX injectors can be equipped with a levelling harrow that loosens "light" soil after injection. The harrow can also be equipped with scraping tines for an even more intensive loosening.

Screw scatterer

Thanks to its adjustable angle, the screw scatterer can reach a large part of your land to be worked on. The propeller system fragments your liquid, water or slurry, to precisely spread your land laterally. It is particularly useful for spreading your plantations and sloping ground or for reducing the amount of dust in the air.


The ISOBUS application can support the “Section Control” to automatically control the opening and closing of the various sections of a slurry injector or spreading boom hitched to the slurry tanker. An external GPS antenna receives the position according to the Section Control standard and the ISOBUS application compares it with previously recorded positions in order to close the sections on areas that have already been fertilised.

The JOSKIN choppers and rotary pasture toppers are usually equipped with self-retractable blades on pivot points: in the event of contact with an obstacle, the knife can rotate up to 360° to avoid it and thus prevent any possible damage.

The self-steering axle is an important safety feature as it keeps your vehicle in line with the tractor at all times. The hydraulic ram on the steering axle is operated by a sensor cylinder connected to the tractor by means of a hitching rod with quick coupling (or a hydraulic ram depending on the model). This rod is anchored to the drawbar by means of an eye or ball joint and controls the steering hydraulic circuit. The system is balanced by compensated hydraulic rams that exert the same force in both directions. The circuit is equipped with a one-piece control unit including a pressure gauge, a nitrogen ball, an alignment valve and a calibration circuit. The advantage of the self-steering axle is not only its self-correcting feature, which allows the vehicle to leave the rut automatically, but above all its guidance both when driving forward and reversing. Unlike the free-steering axle, this system is autonomous and does not require any driver intervention when driving at high speed or reversing: the self-steering axle steers and controls at all times. In addition, it does not require a hydraulic connection to the tractor, nor a distributor. A steering axle reduces the tyre wear significantly (less slippage) as well as the torsion on the vehicle in tight bends. At JOSKIN, most triple-axle vehicles are equipped as standard with a double self-steering system (first and last axle) working on the same principle.

As an option, it is possible to equip your triple-axle trailer, usually configured with two self-steering axles, with a simplified version with one single self-steering axle. This is an economical solution when your vehicle has narrow wheels (e.g. truck wheels) and when you drive mainly out of the fields with a limited number of tight manoeuvres to perform.

Shipping chains
Inner Accessories

All muck spreaders are equipped with oversized shipping chains as standard. They provide an outstanding strength and ensure that your spreader is completely emptied, regardless of the load carried.

Shredding beaters
Inner Accessories

It is always possible to equip your Silo-SPACE2 with two galvanised shredding beaters. They are located at the back of the body and are mechanically driven by a drive shaft via the tractor P.T.O. This means that they rotate at the same speed. This option is particularly useful when you want to shred the material and make it uniform, or place the silage directly on the silo.

When factory-fitted, this option always includes a side door to allow a safe access to the inner side of the body for any maintenance operation. It is therefore not necessary to go through the beaters. In order to avoid any false manipulation and damage to the shredding beaters or the door, a moving floor starting safety device is also integrated in the assembly: before the moving floor is activated, the rear door must have an opening of at least 1m and the beaters must rotate at a minimum speed (speed sensor).

Side Bumper
Lighting and Safety

Some countries have a specific national certification and a side bumper may be mandatory. Its primary purpose is to protect road users, especially cyclists, who might hit the side of your vehicle or the coupled implement. Several models and designs (steel or aluminium) are available upon request.

Side Fitting
Pumping System: Lobe Pump

The Vogelsang lobe pumps offered by JOSKIN are all equipped with HiFlo® lobes that guarantee a perfectly linear flow. This means that they are not subject to vibration, thereby extending the lifespan of the moving parts. This unique design limits cavitation, allows higher rotation speeds, and therefore higher flow rates, for the same pump size. Lobe wear and turbulence at the inlet are greatly reduced. JOSKIN fits the lobe pumps on the side of the tankers so that they are easily accessible for maintenance. This assembly includes a PTO drive and an angle transmission gearbox. As an option, the drive can also be powered by a hydraulic motor, for an easier and more precise adjustment of the flow rate.

Sight Windows
Inner Accessories

Monocoque tipping trailers are equipped with four Perspex sight windows on the front as standard (except for tipping trailers with a body height of 100 cm or less).

As an option, it is also possible to choose one single large sight window. Both models can also be fitted with galvanised reinforcing rods to protect them from possible damage caused by the load.

Drawbar Suspension

The "silent-block" suspension is the most economical and simple solution on the market. Made of a block of several layers of rubber, it offers a relatively basic suspension feeling. Its main advantage is its ability to absorb the vehicle vibrations. The design allows you to vary the tilt angle of the front of your machine, and therefore to change the weight on the tractor.

This drawbar suspension consists of two double-acting hydraulic rams in a closed circuit with two nitrogen accumulators. In addition to being economical, it provides a remarkable flexibility when driving with a loaded vehicle and is one of the most comfortable and efficient solutions. Thanks to the closed-circuit principle, it does not require a permanent hydraulic connection to the tractor. It is therefore an automatic and autonomous system.

Slope Position Adjustment
Tipping System

The system consists of a control box in the tractor cab, a level indicator on the front of the body and an automatic height adjustment system. The slope position adjustment is fitted in combination with the Hydro-Pendul running gear. It allows the level of the chassis to be adjusted horizontally so that the tipping trailer can be emptied on uneven ground.

Spare Wheel

Nobody can prevent a puncture, which is why it is possible to equip your vehicle with a spare wheel: either of the same model as those fitted to the axles, or of the "emergency" type. The choice is yours!

Tipping Trailer Body

Instead of a conventional door, the Trans-PALM monocoque tipping trailers are equipped with a spout at the back. Its main advantage is its simple design and its ability to drop the goods directly into a conveyor.

Spreading Booms

JOSKIN booms offer the possibility of spreading over large widths and applying the slurry at the foot of the plants without soiling the leaves, which allows to greatly reduce nutrient losses, not slow down the plant growth and avoid slurry residue in the forage. Both models allow to choose between a simple application on the ground or injection. They however have a very similar design. The PENDISLIDE and PENDITWIST have a triangular structure articulated around a central frame and supporting line spreading hoses fixed at 25 or 30 cm intervals. Since they are fully galvanised, they are optimally protected and have a long service life.

The BASIC booms are above all characterised by their outstanding ease of use. This is evident from the moment they are fitted to the tanker: no linkage nor buttress is required. They have been designed to be fitted directly onto the rear manhole (Ø 600 mm), and can therefore easily equip both a new machine and an existing tanker. They are also characterised by their great autonomy. Thanks to their automaton directly connected to the tractor, they integrate as standard all the electrohydraulic equipment necessary for their operation. The numerous high-tech specifications, such as a SCALPER Vario vertical macerator, the Twist anti-drip system or the Lock-Matic hydraulic folding system, ensure a higher quality to these booms, enabling them to provide the operating comfort and spreading performance of a company machine. The BASIC booms fold into a “U” shape at the rear of the tanker.

Spreading Gun

With a spreading gun, you can reach an area where the tractor cannot go, such as in the mountains, on hills or beyond some hedges. The centrifugal pump of the GARDA/JULIA system can eject the slurry up to a distance of about 40 metres, depending on the viscosity of the liquid being spread. Water irrigation works, for instance in arboriculture, are also possible.

Spreading paddles
Working tools

These paddles follow the ground relief precisely, remove unfavourable elements, but also spread dung and other heaps. Their surface action also drives out larvae and removes leftovers, dock and thistles.

The JOSKIN "wagon"-type trailers are equipped as standard with a spring to hold the drawbar in high position. Hitching the machine becomes a quick and easy operation that does not require the assistance of another person (when you have unhitched the machine in the field for loading operations, for example).

Spring tines
Working tools

The spring tines work smoothly to clean, aerate, spread and scarify. In this way, they regenerate and revive the vegetation more evenly. Their repeated passage, combined with their vibration, also allows to spread muck, slurry, dung, etc.

SSN Side Grain Auger
Outer Accessories

SSN grain augers are stainless steel side transfer augers from Ø 170 to Ø 220 mm manufactured according to the EN 14301 food standard. Depending on the model, they transfer from 30 t to 70 t per hour. They are ideal for turning your Trans-CAP or Trans-SPACE tipping trailer or DRAKKAR into a food transporter. The auger is fitted directly on the grain chute and has a 4.5 m to 5 m long (depending on the model) transfer chute when unfolded laterally. It is driven by a hydraulic motor with medium flow rate (35-55 l/min). It can therefore be used by any type of tractor (new or old).

Stabilising stands
Outer Accessories

The WAGO-LOADER is equipped with two 710 mm wide loading ramps as standard. They are hydraulically controlled and supported during the loading and unloading operations by two manual rear stands. As an option, these can be hydraulically operated for more comfort. This means that your vehicle always remains perfectly stable during your handling operations.

Stainless Steel Bottom Plate
Accessories (Hydrocleaners)

The JOSKIN hydrocleaners can also be fitted with a stainless steel tank bottom plate. The advantage is that this type of steel not only has a longer service life (compared to traditional steel that can oxidise and therefore rust), but also a smoother surface. It is therefore the ideal type of surface for sticky sediments.

Steel floor
Inner Accessories

The WAGO bale trailers are available in 2 versions: galvanised or painted (2K industrial quality paint). The galvanised models have a floor made of folded steel sheet (thickness: 4 mm) with sloping side edges. Their chassis, ladders and drawbar are also galvanised. The painted versions are equipped with a chequered plate floor (thickness: 3/5 mm) with 2.5 cm side edges. Their drawbar and ladders are galvanised.

Stone Trap
Pumping System: Spiral Pump

The spiral pumps on the JOSKIN slurry tankers are equipped with protection systems in the form of external or internal stone traps to prevent them from wearing out too quickly if they come into contact with foreign bodies. Regardless of their configuration, these devices are always equipped with a system to quickly remove stones and foreign bodies.

Strap tensioners
Outer Accessories

In order to stabilise the load, additional strap tensioners can be fitted to the back of the bale trailer.

Suction Hoses
Pumping Accessories

JOSKIN offers a wide range of flexible hoses and galvanised rigid pipes (straight or bent) to connect your slurry tanker to your pit. In order to guarantee an efficient pumping work, it is important to keep the distance between the slurry tanker and the pit as short as possible: this is the only way to ensure that pressure losses due to the friction of the sucked liquid against the inner wall of the suction pipe are kept to a minimum. Which suction pipe diameter to choose? 6’’ (150 mm), 8’’ (200 mm) or 10’’ (250 mm)? Answer: focus on fluidity! The diameter of the pipes, openings and valves influences the pumping ease and speed. Taking into account, for example, a pressure loss of 15 mm (material "at rest" along the walls of the pipe), the useful passage of the 8” pipe is twice as large as that of the 6", and for a 10” pipe, 1.6 times larger than for an 8". Sucking a "thicker" slurry will be much easier with pipes with a large diameter. 6" is the most common type, the most economical and the easiest to handle. The 8" allows the flow rate to be increased, even at lower vacuum levels. Finally, the 10" allows very high flow rates. It is only available for high-capacity tankers with powerful pumps. However, one must be careful: a larger diameter also means heavier suction hoses, hence the interest in large diameter filling arms.

As an option, it is possible to equip your JOSKIN rotary pasture topper or chopper with one or more support rollers (depending on the topper/chopper model). Fitted behind the mowing table, they not only provide a supporting action to bring soil moisture to the surface, to the grass roots, but they also control the mowing height. On very hilly or wet ground, these rollers support the action of the skids and thus ensure a perfect follow-up of the ground relief.

Pumping System: Vacuum

The self-cleaning syphon (30 or 60 l) serves as an additional safety device between the tank and the pump. It is designed to empty automatically when air is forced back into the tank. For an easy maintenance, self-cleaning syphons are fitted with a cleaning plug.