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Theoretical capacity (l)

from 18000 to 25500


Cargo Chassis

VACU-CARGO2 General Points

General Points

The Vacu-Cargo2 transport tank optimises the frequency of use of your JOSKIN Cargo2 chassis. Available with a capacity from 18,000 to 25,500 l, it is only equipped with the standard essentials in order to reduce the empty weight as much as possible. Its design in 6 mm HLE special steel according to the EN707 safety standard provides a safe and efficient means of transport. In short, the ideal solution for your slurry transport works.


VACU-CARGO2 Designed for a Quick Change of the Implements

Designed for a Quick Change of the Implements

The Cargo2 implements are equipped as a standard with a Twist Lock "implement-chassis" coupling system, but also with “push-pull” hydraulic connectors for a quick change of the implements. Each implement comes with its own separate control box that can be easily connected to the control box of the chassis already installed in the driver's cab. A practical and compact solution!

VACU-CARGO2 Adjustable Stands

Adjustable Stands

The storage areas for the implements vary and are not always perfectly flat. That is the reason why the 4 storing stands are adjustable. In this way, your Vacu-Cargo2 implement can be unhitched in any situation, so that the chosen area is sufficiently load-bearing.

VACU-CARGO2 Short and Compact Tank

Short and Compact Tank

The Vacu-Cargo2 tanks are characterised by their compactness. They have a high diameter (Ø 1,900 mm for the 18,000 model, Ø 2,000 mm for the 20,000 and 23,000, and Ø 2,100 mm for the 25,500) and therefore form very compact tankers, which is an ideal feature for narrow places. The tanks are standard manufactured in 6-mm high tensile steel and are hot-dip galvanised. They also comply with the EN707 safety standard (pitching) Brackets are welded over the entire length of the tank to fix it on the integral chassis of the Cargo2 by means of the Twist Lock systems.

VACU-CARGO2 Vacuum Pump

Vacuum Pump

The Vacu-Cargo2 are standard fitted with a powerful vacuum pump: the JUROP PN 130/D (13,000 l/min). As an option, it can be replaced by a PN(R) 155 vacuum pump with vanes (15,500 l/min) or a DL 180 (17,600 l/min) or DL 250 (25,000 l/min) vacuum lobe pump. In any case, it is placed on the left side of the tank in order to not only provide an easy access, but also to keep the implement compact and complete. In fact, when the implement is stored on its stands, it remains complete and operational, and the chassis is not disadvantaged by an unnecessary dead load. This distinguishes it from the old Cargo concept where the vacuum pump remained in the drawbar of the chassis, regardless of the implement used. The pump is driven as a standard by a P.T.O.-shaft and an angle transmission gearbox, which can be replaced (as an option) by a hydraulic motor.

VACU-CARGO2 Even More Versatile

Even More Versatile

All JOSKIN Vacu-Cargo2 slurry tankers can be fitted with various pieces of pre-equipment to easily add various options, either at the time of the order or later (even years after the purchase). Among the most interesting options, you can find: an upper filling access, a mixer inside the tank to homogenise the liquid during transport, filling arms, plus many more!

Special Features

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