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Available equipment

Slurry tankers - X-TREM2 - pumping accessories

Suction pipes

JOSKIN proposes a wide range of flexible pipes and galvanized rigid tubes (straight or cranked) connecting your spreader to your slurry pit.

Various models of galvanized and rigid 90° elbows can also be used in order to make the pit easier to reach. We merely recommend you to keep the shortest distance possible between the tank and the pit: the standard 4 m flexible pipe offers a good distance/weight/load loss compromise.

6’’, 8’’ or 10’’? Bet on fluidity!

The pumping ease and speed is influenced by the diameter of the pipes, openings and valves. If, for instance, we consider a load loss of 15 mm (matter "stopped" along the pipe walls), the useful way-out of the Ø 8" pipe is twice larger than that of the Ø 6" one; the useful way-out of a Ø 10" pipe is 1.6 times larger than for a Ø 8" one.

Sucking "thicker" types of slurry will be much easier with pipes with large diameter.

The Ø 6" opening diameter is the most common type, the most easy to handle and the most economical.

As for the Ø 8", it makes it possible to increase the flow, even with a lower depression rate.

On the other hand, the Ø 10" allows much higher flow rates. It is only available for high-capacity tankers that are fitted with powerful pumps. It is important to note that the only way to work with this diameter is to take the option Ø 250 mm filling arm.

Manual suction valves

JOSKIN uses 4 types of manual valve with different diameters (6’’ or 8’’), jaws (‘‘Perrot’’ or ‘‘Italy’’) and coupling systems (‘‘rocking’’ or ‘‘sliding") for the filling pipe.

All our manual valves are fitted with an air intake point, which prevents any slurry spattering risk.

The askew opening of the rocking jaw makes the pipe easy to fix in the coupling.

The sliding jaw is mechanically more resistant and pushes the pipe flat on the neck, which stands for a better alignment of the coupling.

JOSKIN uses two types of couplings: "Italy" and "Perrot" (standard). The first one is quite light but its round head can cope with imperfect alignments. The second one is stronger but the two parts must be set in a more or less straight line.