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steering axles

steering axles

X-Trem2 slurry tankers are fitted as standard with a double self-steering axle (comparable to that fitted on triple-axle vehicles). It offers an extraordinary manoeuvrability despite the presence of 'gigantic' wheels (max. Ø 1,986 mm, max. width 925 mm).

In some cases, it is worthwhile to replace the mechanical self-steering system with an electronically controlled system, which allows to manage different steering angles depending on the driving speed (less steering at high speed and more steering at low speed) and thus considerably increases the manoeuvrability and driving safety.

At JOSKIN, you can equip the coupling rod of the self-steering system with either an industrial hitch yoke (standard) or a knee-joint eyelet with a diameter of 50 mm (option), commonly called "K50". The "K50" option is usually chosen when the vehicle is already equipped with a "K80" knee-joint eyelet.