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Available equipment

Slurry tankers - X-TREM2 - spreading systems

Spreading Systems

Exact scatterer

Nowadays, slurry is spread closer to the ground and the air resistance is significantly reduced thanks to the so-called ''exact'' scatterers that make slurry go downwards. They are part of the standard equipment of the JOSKIN slurry tankers.

The models with "Perrot" coupling are mounted on hinge in order to make pumping at the back of the tank easier and to limit the total length of the vehicle.

Double exact scatterer

The double exact scatterer is available as an option. It allows to double the doses per hectare at the same speed.

Gooseneck scatterer

This scatterer directs the slurry flow towards the ground vertically, just like a wall: it is very useful next to roads. Its height can be adjusted, which allows to adapt the working width.

Möscha swinging scatterer

This scatterer spreads slurry in a swinging movement from left to right and inversely. It allows to spread "big drops" at lower pressure. Several variants (flow/width) are available.

Möscha double scatterer

Eisele double scatterer

Spread in sheets with a Eisele doubble scatterer allows to reach a 15 m working width, depending on the working conditions and the slurry type.

'Mountain' system

The "special mountain" emptying system makes it possible to empty your tank completely when working on a sloping ground.