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The tank of the Volumetra is welded to an integral cradle. This principle distributes the traction stresses over the entire tanker and reduces the overall weight of the machine. This design is more compact and therefore provides the vehicle with a lower centre of gravity, which improves the manoeuvrability. In order to make the Volumetra even more compact, its hitch has been designed to be particularly short. In most cases, it is a "V-shaped” drawbar on which the pump system is fitted in order to protect it from any accidental contact with the tractor wheels. However, if the Volumetra is equipped with a lobe pump, the drawbar will be of the beam type and the pump will be fitted laterally for a quick and easy access for the maintenance of the lobes. Depending on the model, the drawbar has a silent-block of hydropneumatic suspension. Comfort is therefore a priority to Joskin!

Galvanised Tank (or paint on galva)

Galvanised Tank (or paint on galva)

The Volumetra has a tank made of high tensile steel that is hot-dip galvanised (inside and outside) in the JOSKIN Group's own galvanising plant. After degreasing in an acid solution, the welded tanks are dipped in a bath of molten zinc at a temperature of +/- 450 °C. From the core of the metal to the surface zinc, several layers of alloy are formed in depth, constituting a real armour against corrosion. Galvanisation is the only 100% effective protection for a slurry tanker. If you are looking for a painted slurry tanker, JOSKIN is one of the few manufacturers to offer painted tankers that have been galvanised beforehand. You therefore benefit from the advantages of a protection by galvanisation and the aesthetics of painting.

Running Gear

The Volumetra is equipped with a Hydro-Tandem/Tridem running gear (up to 25 cm clearance) ensuring an excellent stability on slopes, an even load distribution on each wheel and an optimal road holding. Since the running gear is bolted, it can be moved forwards or backwards to adapt the load distribution, e.g. when adding a spreading implement at the back of the machine. The "trouble-free” driving solution! The brackets forming the subframe of the tank are spaced at only 900 mm. Thanks to this design, the Volumetra equipped with wide wheels does not to exceed a total width of 3 m, while allowing the steering wheels a large turning angle.


No matter which pump you want to use or which filling system you are interested in, the Volumetra can adapt to your needs. Do you prefer to couple the hose on a valve? To take advantage of a filling arm on a cone? To use an immersion pipe or a dorsal boom in a pit? To fill from the top via a door? With the Volumetra, everything is possible!

Integrated Linkage

The Volumetra can be equipped with an optional sturdy integrated linkage. Thanks to it, the entire range of JOSKIN spreading and injection implements, even the largest and heaviest ones, can be coupled on the 3- or 4-point linkage of the tanker. The integration of the linkage on the tank makes the Volumetra compact and allows to keep an ideal weight on the eyelet. Another advantage of this structure is that the spreading implement is brought as close as possible to the back of the tank for a reduced overhang. To optimise the weight distribution, the distance between the tank and the linkage hooks is kept as short as possible.

Pump Systems

The Volumetra can be equipped with all available pump systems: vacuum, centrifugal discharge pump (Storm), spiral, lobe pump, a combination of a vacuum and a centrifugal pump (Vacu-Storm), or of a vacuum and a centrifugal pump with a spreading gun (Garda/Julia system). This makes it totally versatile, offering effective solutions for all types of needs.

Your Favourite ! Volumetra
Your Favourite ! Volumetra

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