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The backward and spaced position of the hinges increases the stability and therefore the safety when unloading.

The backward and upward position of the hinges increases the tipping height. It also makes unloading easier and allows for higher and more compact heaps.

Filling Accessories

JOSKIN water bowsers are fitted as standard with many pieces of equipment: a protected level gauge, a Ø 450 mm upper filling opening, a 2"1/2 ball valve and a baffle (from 3,600 l models). This not only prevents the water from sloshing around during transport, but also reinforces the tank. All of this equipment provides a greater ease of use and handling.

Ball Safety Device
Pumping System: Vacuum

Based on a float system, the ball safety device (or overflow valve) prevents the slurry from following the same path as the air. When the tank is filled, the ball blocks the air outlet and prevents the slurry from flowing into the pump.

Ball Safety Device
Pumping System: VACU-STORM

Based on a float system, the ball safety device (or overflow valve) prevents the slurry from following the same path as the air. When the tank is filled, the ball blocks the air outlet and prevents the slurry from flowing into the pump.

Ball Valve (2" 1/2)
Outer Accessories

The 2''1/2 ball valve fitted as standard on all Aquatrans ensures a perfect watertightness and a quick and easy emptying of your water bowser.

Baroni/Italy or Perrot?
Pumping Accessories

JOSKIN uses two types of couplings: “Italy/Baroni” and “Perrot”. The former is relatively light, but its domed head can cope with imperfect alignments. As standard, we offer the Perrot, as it is more robust, but it requires the two sections to be connected to be aligned.

redOscillating crown
greenBall-shaped male end

The arable injectors ensure that the slurry is injected deep into the soil, while at the same time they loosen the ground. They are designed on the basis of a double-beam frame reinforced by radiant crosspieces. The main advantage of this assembly is that it focuses the strains of the implement on the tanker, which then transfers them to the tractor. The stress is therefore reduced and the tank is not subjected to distortion. The frame is modular for all models: wide models are manufactured on the basis of the 2.8 m models with extensions. Versions over 3 m wide are equipped with a double-acting hydraulic folding system with an anti-torsion safety stop. All these implements are fitted with a certified road lighting system.


The meadow injectors inject the slurry into the ground while minimising the damages to its cover. They are assembled on the basis of the same galvanised frame. This standardisation allows an interchangeability of the injection elements. These single-beam frames are made of special high tensile steel offering the best compromise between strength and lightness. The ultra-compact design of the injector and the folding system result in a very low overhang, which significantly reduces the stress on the rear of the slurry tanker.


The transmission is provided by 2 V-belts driving the different rotors. If the driving speed is too high, they slip until the operator reduces the driving speed to avoid mechanical damage to the machine.

Bolted beater frame
Working tools

All muck spreaders are equipped with a beater frame bolted to the body. It can therefore be removed to use the spreader as a silage trailer.

Bolted hook
Telescopic Arm

The hooks of the Cargo-Lift CL are bolted to the telescopic arm: they can be easily exchanged in case of wear and tear and can be replaced according to the different container coupling heights available on the market. The available heights are 1,430 mm, 1,450 mm and 1,570 mm.

Bolted Single Axle
Running Gear

Most JOSKIN single axle vehicles have a bolted axle. The running gear can thus be easily moved when a change in load (eyelet weight/axle weight ratio) is required, especially when a rear implement is added to the original machine (e.g. slurry tanker with injector, tipping trailer with grain auger, etc.). The bolted axle also makes it easier to change tyres.

Bolted slats
Inner Accessories

Whether on models with vertical or horizontal beaters, the slats of the Tornado3 and Ferti-Space2 muck spreaders are bolted to the standard shipping chains. They can therefore very easily be changed.

Bolted teeth
Working tools

The beater teeth of the JOSKIN muck spreaders are made of HB or HARDOX special steel. Since they are bolted on, they can easily be changed if they wear out. In addition, most of them have a reversible design. When worn, they can be rotated by 180° to double their service life.

Box (70-70)
Outer Accessories

The 70-70 box bolted to the propeller guard allows the JUMBOMIXER to slide easily into the pit if it is equipped with a handling rail with a 70 cm gap between the two rail elements.