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garda/julia system

garda/julia system

The GARDA/JULIA system with a 100% mechanical drive combines a centrifugal pump and a vacuum pump (GARDA = Battioni & Pagani; JULIA = JUROP). The latter is used to fill the tank and empty it using a traditional spreading device, while the centrifugal one sends the slurry at a pressure of 6 bar to a spreading gun, the umbilical system of a spreading implement or a return to the tank (optional), all depending on the chosen configuration. A mechanical selector (hydraulic as an option) allows you to choose the desired pump.

With a spreading gun, you can reach an area where the tractor cannot go, such as in the mountains, on hills or beyond some hedges. The centrifugal pump of the GARDA/JULIA system can eject the slurry up to a distance of about 40 metres, depending on the viscosity of the liquid being spread. Water irrigation works, for instance in arboriculture, are also possible.

Thanks to a quick coupling at the outlet of the centrifugal pump and a manual 3-way valve with return to the tank, it is easy to connect an umbilical system and to adjust the flow rate.

The possibility of mixing in a closed circuit is very useful with a relatively heavy slurry. The liquid propelled by the centrifugal pump is reinjected into the tank. This mixing method is very effective to get a homogeneous mixture quickly and easily.