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outer accessories

outer accessories

The use of a spreading implement, such as an injector, makes it impossible to see the slurry coming out of the tank. This is why JOSKIN was the first manufacturer to offer a level gauge on all its slurry tankers from the 1980s. Today, there are several possibilities: a 2" half-circular sight glass, an 8 x 30 cm oblong sight glass with a choice of location, a float gauge or a Ø 150 mm transparent communicating gauge.

JOSKIN offers several solutions to keep track of the activity of its machines: a counter on float gauge, a pneumatic counter (totaling the number of tankers spread by means of a diaphragm that adds up each depression in the tank), a digital rotation counter (counting the number of times the P.T.O. starts rotating), a vibration hour counter (vibration = machine at work), etc.

As the tank of a slurry tanker needs to be cleaned regularly, JOSKIN offers various access solutions, including via the top of the machine, which is particularly useful when the rear of the tanker is not accessible because there is a spreading implement. Examples are the Ø 600 mm side or rear manhole with hook closure, the Ø 850 mm rear manhole on hinge, the full opening rear door, the upper manhole with hook closure or on hinge (Ø 520 mm or Ø 600 mm), etc.

In order to protect the communicating gauge from possible shocks and damages, it can be fitted with an optional protective grating.

JOSKIN also offers a range of pre-equipment in its programme, so that you can postpone the choice of rear spreading implements and various accessories. The series production and the spare parts book will always allow you to complete your machine in the future.