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The tanker that pushes the extreme limits!



Capacities (l)

from 16000 to 22000


Double axle





X-TREM2 General points

General points

The X-TREM2 is a real concentrate of the JOSKIN know-how. Thanks to its ingeniously narrowed chassis (600 mm), this tanker manages to combine a large-capacity tank with large-diameter wheels (max. Ø 1,986 mm), without exceeding 3 m wide or compromising the driving performance. Due to its unique characteristics, the X-TREM2 has a perfect weight distribution and an excellent ground support (Hydro-Pendul suspension) and thus creates very little soil compaction once in the field. Also very sturdy, the X-TREM2 will satisfy any contractor looking for a machine of short length capable of working with very wide spreading implements.


X-TREM2 Narrow Heavy Duty Chassis

Narrow Heavy Duty Chassis

This second version of the X-TREM has now a monocoque structure. This tanker has a heavy duty chassis comparable to the one on the VOLUMETRA and has besides been redesigned: its width starts at 900 mm at the front and then narrows to 600 mm at the wheel recess, while keeping this width up to the back side. This feature allows the X-TREM2 to be fitted with very wide wheels (max. 927 mm). Thanks to a higher contact surface between the ground and the tyres, the tanker weight is better distributed. As a result, tracks are clearly less deep. The compact design, due to the integrated chassis, provides a very low center of gravity. This feature makes it easier to work with wide spreading booms and also provides a higher driving comfort and stability.

X-TREM2 Hydro-Pendul Running Gear

Hydro-Pendul Running Gear

Every X-TREM2 model is equipped with a Hydro-Pendul running gear. In this configuration, each axle is fitted on two double-acting hydraulic rams (on both sides of the chassis). Each axle is in this way linked to the chassis through an articulated triangular structure. Already successfully used on the TP tipping trailers, this suspension type allows to better follow the ground, whatever its topography, as well as an easier maintenance (lubrication, etc.).

X-TREM2 Self-Steering Axle

Self-Steering Axle

The X-TREM2 is equipped with two self-steering axles, which significantly improve the manoeuvrability. The overhang is also reduced, especially when using injectors largely sticking out at the back (TERRADISC2, etc.). Thanks to the very narrow chassis, the steering angle of the steering axles is also improved.

X-TREM2 Short Drawbar with Hydropneumatic Suspension

Short Drawbar with Hydropneumatic Suspension

Every detail has been studied to ensure that the X-TREM2 is exceptionally maneuverable. In this regard, the design of the drawbar has been reviewed. It is now narrower and has been considerably thinned to increase the turning angle of the tanker. Fitted with a hydropneumatic suspension, it also guarantees an outstanding driving flexibility.

X-TREM2 Sturdy Linkage

Sturdy Linkage

The X-TREM2 is designed for heavy technology and can therefore work without any difficulty with the widest JOSKIN injectors or spreading booms. Accordingly, a linkage is directly integrated in the tank brackets. This system is compacter, sturdier and allows to keep an ideal weight on the eyelet. The injectors are attached to the tanker by a 3 or 4-point system (cast steel tractor linkage).

Special Features

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